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Horst Kolo Photography
Photography of Fine Art and Architecture - Digital Imaging


Webdesign Services

  For the last 30 years or so I have been providing a service for
Art Galleries, Artists, Architects, Designers, Art Book Publishers
and other creative professionals.

Equipment and Services:

Photography can be at your premises or mine.
My Equipment consists of diverse camera formats:

Analogue - 10"x8" - 7"x5" - 5"x4" - 6x9cm - 6x6cm and 35mm.
(Large Format: Cambo/Linhof - Hasselblad - 35mm - Nikon)
Digital - camera & Flatbed scans (high-end)/near Drum Scan Quality

Digital imaging & manipulation - Printing to a very high standard
( Ink-Jet/A3+ and A4 - Dye-Sub Output/8x12in - or on Photo Paper up to A2).
My Multi-Media PowerPoint presentations (Windows OS only) are v. good too.

Turn round time for most jobs is just 3/4 days, except webdesign.

Horst Kolo
60 Hamilton Road, London NW11 9EJ - United Kingdom

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